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 Experience and How it works

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PostSubject: Experience and How it works   Sat Mar 21, 2009 3:37 pm

We have a system here at Pokeisland called vbExperience. I've written up this guide to help answer any questions you may have. Feel free to reply with your question if I've neglected to answer it.

What exactly is Experience?

Experience is a system that ranks users based on their usefulness, and awards Experience Points(xp) according to how useful they are.

How does Experience work?

Experience keeps track of everything you do on this forum: posts, threads, views, ratings, etc. It then takes that information and calculates how useful a member you are. In layman's terms, the better member you are, the higher your rank is.

Why is rank important?

Rank is important because it dictates the xp you are awarded. The higher your rank, the more xp you have. Remember, the system is notautomated, so all you have to do is interact normally and we will decide how much you should be awarded.

How can I see how I am ranked? Is there a way to view others' ranks?

Here's how to view your rank:

-Click "Search Members" and search for your username.
-Just look at the amount of XP you have

You can look at other members rank and XP by following this process.

What does xp do for me?
You can use your xp to purchase lots of items in the Shop, like profile stickers and profile upgrades. To access the Shop, click "Search" in the navbar and then "Pokéshop".

Do I retain my rank if I buy something from the shop?

Nope. You've gotta decide if your rank is worth more to you than the item you're buying.

Can I buy something and give it away to someone else?
Absolutely. Just head to the Pokéshop and buy the item. Next, send a PM to an admin saying what item you bought and who you would like to give it to.

Oops! I bought something and I realized I don't want it. Is there any way to get a refund for it?

Yep! Just head to the Pokéshop and send an admin a PM entitled - "Sell for 75%". You'll receive 75% of the xp you paid.

How much is [insert activity here] worth in xp?

We have to keep that information a secret, otherwise users might be able to game the system. It's a fair system, though, so if you interact normally you'll gain xp for it.

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Experience and How it works
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