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PostSubject: zodiac   Mon Mar 23, 2009 11:34 am

Chapter 1

“Thank goodness the snow stopped before school got out,” Danny commented to his friends.
“Yeah especially for you Danny,” Kevin said teasingly a grin spreading across his face. “You are the only person I know that’s crazy enough to think of walking home in this kind of weather.”
“What, so I like the cold,” Danny shrugged. “Well, I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” “Wait I’ll come with…you” Kevin said turning only to see that Danny was already half way down the block. “How does he do that?” Kevin whispered to himself. To the others he said. “Well guess I should hurry.”
Danny was walking home quickly (as he always did). Despite what any one said, he was not in any hurry to get home; he just didn’t have any where to be so why not go home? As he walked, Danny looked around. He wasn’t looking for any thing in particular, just glancing around. As he did so, something caught his eye. Danny bent down to examine the object more closely and found that it was a small yellow stone; he reached down and grabbed it and was forced to his knees. Danny couldn’t remember ever being in this much pain. It felt like his bones were on fire. Danny screamed out in pain just before collapsing.
Kevin heard Danny’s scream and broke into a sprint. “Danny!” Kevin shouted when he saw his friend lying face down in the snow he reached his friend and bent over him. “Come-on man talk to me!” he said shaking Danny.
“Ooooooh” Danny replied stirring. “Did you get the number of that steamroller?”
“What happened to you man?” Kevin asked helping Danny to stand.
“Don’t know” Danny said truthfully “but it feels like my skin just tried to crush my bones.”
“Well are you all right?” Kevin inquired.
“Yes I think so” Danny replied “Hey look at what I found in the snow it’s-” Danny began but broke off when he opened his hand and saw that the stone had disappeared.
“It’s what?” Kevin asked looking worried.
“Um nothing,” Danny told him a little less truthfully than before. “Why are you here any way?”
“Well you would know that if you had waited five seconds for me to say was coming too.” Kevin snapped putting his hands on his hips. “Back to more important things; are you alright?”
“Yes, yes for the last time yes!” Danny exclaimed throwing his arms in the air.
“Well good but how do you think you fell?” Kevin asked.
“Well Kev” Danny replied folding his arms over his chest, voice dripping with sarcasm. “There’s this thing called gravity–”
“I know what gravity is!” Kevin interrupted leaning forward. “What I want to know is how you fell.”
“Well if you want to know the event that caused me to fall then… as near as I can tell I must have slipped on some ice.” Danny said this time serious he knew that this was definitely not what happened; he may have imagined the stone but the pain he had felt was real. Kev was his best friend, but Danny doubted the wisdom of telling him the he was experiencing fainting spells and wracking pain. “I’ll tell some one if it happens again” Danny thought to himself.
“Well what do you expect?” Kev teased “walking home after a snow storm in Maine.”
“Whatever” Danny said in response “Let’s get home OKAY?”

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Number of posts : 60
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PostSubject: zodiac chapter 2   Mon Mar 23, 2009 12:00 pm

Chapter 2

“Martha, Martha, Martha!”
“Huh? Oh! What?”
“Martha, you were sleeping in class again!” exclaimed the teacher, crossing her arms over her chest.
“Yup.” Martha replied, propping her head up, a bored expression on her face.
“Well!” the teacher exclaimed, “If you’re so smart that you feel that you do not have to pay attention in class, why don’t you tell us after the sun what is the closest star to the earth?
“Proxima Centaury.” Martha replied instantly. “Now, will you please call me Laury? You know I like it better when people call me that.”
“But it’s not your name, dear.” The teacher replied.
“It’s my middle name.” Laury retorted, glaring at the teacher.
“No Martha, your middle name is Lauren.” The teacher told Laury, turning back to the bored as if the conversation were over.
“But Laury is my nickname!” Laury exclaimed.
“Martha!” the teacher shouted obviously at the end of her patience. “I have had enough of this nonsense, and I will see you after school for talking back.”
“Yes ma’am” Laury replied.
“I don’t see why she had to keep me for so long.” Laury grumbled as she left school. She was just leaving through the front door when she heard some one behind her say.
“Hey Laury what took you so long?”
Startled Laury jumped and spun around, and saw her brother Steve. “Oh Steve what are you doing still here?” Laury exclaimed. “I thought that everyone would be home by now.”
“Humph like I’d let a little thing like a half hour keep me from walking my little sis home.” Steve said as he walked up to Laury.
“Speaking of which don’t you think that it was kind of harsh of that teacher to keep me after a whole thirty meniutes?” Laury pouted.
“Well to be fair,” Putting an arm over Laury’s shoulder. “You did say she was picking on you and called her an old witch. I mean really what are you, five? You know better than to talk to a teacher that way.”
“I’m twelve thank you very much!” Laury shouted. “And I don’t need you lecturing me on how to behave!”
“Laury you know I wasn’t trying to lecture you” Steve replied looking a bit hurt.
“I’m sorry, I know you weren’t” Laury said looking down ashamed that she had yelled at her brother; when she saw something lying in the grass. “Hey what’s that?” Laury said pointing.
“What’s what?” Steve asked looking down.
“This” Laury said bending down to point he object out to Steve. “It looks like some kind of rainbow colored quartz.”
“Really, let me see it.” Steve said scooping up the rock and examining it. “How do you know it’s quartz?”
“See how it’s transparent? And it’s made of little crystals if you squint you can just see how there shaped.
“Well since you’re so smart you have it,” Steve said handing the rock Laury.
“Why thank you,” Laury began but was cut off by her scream of pain. As soon as the stone touched her hand waves of pain began ripping through her body. So great was the pain that Laury almost fell over, but she managed to prop herself up on a nearby bench. Laury then stumbled to a tree not far away and put a hand on it to steady herself. Suddenly the pain reached its climax focusing on her head Laury grabbed her temples and crumpled to the ground. Finally the pain passed and Laury began to rise using the tree for support as if afraid she would fall again. When Laury came to her senses the first thing she noticed was Steve standing next to her asking if she was all right. “Y-yeah I-I’m fine.” Laury responded shakily.
“You don’t sound fine,” Steve insisted, leading Laury to the bench so she could sit down.
“I’m all right now,” Laury insisted. “Just a really bad headache but it’s passed now I swear.
“OKAY if you say so,” Steve replied still sounding worried
“Look Steve I’ll prove it.” Laury said.
“Oh really,” Steve replied crossing his arms, “and how do you plan to do that?”
“Like this,” Laury said eyes twinkling. “Race you home!” and with that sprinted off not bothering to see if Steve followed or not.
When they got home Laury noticed that the hand that she had touched the stone with was tingling. She looked down to see why, and she saw the image of two human forms that looked like mirror images of each other.

P.S. I've got the first 6 chapters edited already so expect more pretty quick here.
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Number of posts : 60
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PostSubject: Zodiac chapter 3   Mon Mar 23, 2009 12:01 pm

Chapter 3

“Vacation,” Danny asked.
“Yeah,” his mom replied. “Your father and I thought that we’d go some where warm over summer vacation.
“Really, where are we going?” Danny inquired getting up to get a drink.
“We were thinking Florida or Hawaii,” Danny’s mom told him. “But we wanted to know what you thought first.”
“Not Hawaii,” Danny said while picking out a glass. “Florida sounds good though.”
Danny’s mom was surprised by this answer, and she made no secret of it. “But you always talk about how much you want to go to Hawaii.” She said an, incredulous look spreading across her face.
“I can change my mind if I want to,” Danny said, although he thought it strange himself. Danny had been thinking just the other day that he would jump at the chance to go to Hawaii. “Why the sudden change of heart?” he found himself asking...
“Well if you say so Honey,” Danny’s mom sighed walking over to him, and tussled Danny’s coarse black hair. “Time for a hair cut,” she said teasingly.
“But I just got it cut today,” Danny replied rolling his eyes.
“But it’s so long,” Danny’s mom replied.
“It only goes down to my ears,” Danny retorted pulling away from her.
“When did you even have time to get you hair cut?” she asked.
“After my physical,” Danny told her.
“Oh yeah how’d that go,” Danny’s mom asked.
“I’m healthy,” Danny told her then recited the specifics. “Pulse average, blood pressure normal, height six-foot five, weight two hundred and fifty-five pounds, Etcetera, etcetera.”
“Good, good,” Danny’s mom said. “Alright I’ll call you father and tell him to get the tickets to Florida. Why don’t you go get packed?”
“K.O. mom,” Danny responded; as he walked upstairs Danny heard his mom say.
“Hi Honey, yeah, I owe you twenty bucks.”
Danny smiled; he could just imagine what had happened. His mom had said something along the lines of:
“I’ll bet you any amount of money that he’ll choose Hawaii.”
In response his dad had said “Alright twenty bucks.”
Thinking about this Danny went upstairs to pack.

Laury was getting impatient; Steve had told her to wait out here for him, and said that he’d be right out but that had been hours ago, or so it felt to Laury. Inside Steve was having a very serious talk with their parents.
“I’m getting really worried about Laury,” he said.
“What do you mean Steven?” His father asked.
“Don’t act liked our therapist John, you’re not!” Steve snapped.
“Steven! You do not talk to you father that way!” Steve’s mom exclaimed.
“Just because he’s your husband doesn’t mean he my father!” Steve retorted.
“Steven! I will no-” Steve’s mom began but john cut her off.
“It’s OKAY Honey,” he said. To Steve he said “we’re not here to discuss me; we are here to talk about your sister.”
“You’re right it’s just-,” Steve started and then sighed. “Mom do you remember when dad left and Laury got so depressed?”
“God you don’t think she’s going back to that do you?” his mom asked, shock and fear spreading on her face.
“NO!” Steve shouted; the very thought of Laury going back to that sent chills own his spine. “But ever since Laury got that headache she’s taken to muttering to herself, almost as if she were carrying on a conversation with someone who’s not there.
John and Steve’s mom looked at each other and Steve’s mom said. “Alright Steven your father and I will make an appointment with Laury’s psychiatrist.”
“Thank you, but let me tell Laury you know how she can be.” Steve requested.
“OKAY you tell her then,” Steve’s mom replied “But tell her fast I’m

“What took you so long?” Laury asked.
“I had something to discuss with mom and Jonathan,” Steve replied
“Oh what about?” Laury inquired.
“About you actually and, well how shall I put this.” Steve faltered.
“What are you talking about Steve?” Laury asked beginning to get worried. “Steve what’s wrong? You’re always straight with me!”
“Laury we’ve been talking and we’re all in agreement… well you’ve been acting strangely, and we think you should see someone.” Steve tried to explain.
Laury’s eyes narrowed; “What do you mean ‘see someone?’” Laury asked darkly.
Steve hesitated; he knew he was on dangerously thin ice. Laury hardly ever got mad at him, but when she did, boy did she ever get mad! And Steve knew he was really close to royally pissing Laury off. “W-well, you remember Dr. Fitzpatrick; the one you like so much? Well we were hoping he-,” at this point Laury guessed where this was going and interrupted.
“NO!” she shouted. “I will never go back to that shrink!”
“But Laury we really thing you should go;” Steve replied shrinking back a little.
“We! Who’s we?” Laury was practically screaming now.
“Me, and Mom, and John,” Steve stammered.
“John!” Laury exclaimed pointing an accusing finger a Steve. “I thought you were on my side!”
“I am on your side Laury! But-” Steve began.
“But nothing Steve!” Laury was beginning to cry.
“Laury I am on your side that’s why I’m telling you this!” Steve replied pleadingly.
“No! I hate you!” Laury shouted practically sobbing. Steve started after her but tripped, and by the time he regained his footing, Laury was already too far ahead to catch.
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PostSubject: Zodiac chapter 4   Mon Mar 23, 2009 12:03 pm

Chapter 4

When Laury awoke; she was surrounded by trees and grass. She wondered for a moment where she was, but then she remembered. After her fight with Steve, Laury had run, not paying attention to where she was going. Finally, after what now seemed like hours Laury had just not been able to run anymore, and collapsed. Once she had caught her breath; Laury looked around and realized that she was completely lost. She had wandered aimlessly until she stumbled upon an old abandoned park. Laury had been here for two days and there were lots of overgrown trees and bushes to hide under if it rained, so she had shelter, but she was starving. So Laury made the decision to wait until sunset for the sun to rise and then she’d go and look for something to eat.
At the same moment Laury decided this; Danny was getting off his plane and heading to his hotel. His parents were telling him there was a big day ahead of them. But none of them knew just how big.
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PostSubject: Zodiac chapter 5   Mon Mar 23, 2009 12:04 pm

Chapter 5

Danny and his family had arrived early enough to get a few hours of sleep, before starting there day. But now they were out and about seeing the sites. At noon they stopped for lunch and then they split up to go see different things. Danny finished first, so he put on his head phones and went off to explore. Danny was having fun just looking around the city, but he knew it was getting late, so he decided to start back. On his way however Danny noticed a museum and decided he had time for one last stop.
Inside the museum, Danny found paintings, and fossils, and pieces of armor, but there was one exhibit particularly that interested him. A stone that looked almost exactly like the one he had found all those months ago. Suddenly there came a voice from behind it said.
“So you are interested in the stone.”
Danny spun around to see who had spoken. It was an old woman, after the initial surprise had worn off Danny said. “Yeah, well it’s just; I found something just like this.
“I know,” Said the old woman. “You have been chosen for a great destiny.”
“Destiny… right,” Danny answered then glanced at the clock. “Oh crap! I’m late!” he shouted, and started out, but as he passed the woman grabbed his arm in a vice like grip. A soon as she made contact the symbol on Danny’s hand started to glow, and the energy he had felt when first touched the stone, but this time there was no pain. In fact the energy was soothing.
“You can not escape your fate. No matter where you hide or how far you run.” The old lady said and then released him. As soon as she let him go Danny raced off. When she was alone, the woman shook her head sadly and whispered “I’m sorry...” Then she too left. There was one last stop to make before her day was over.

Laury was tired, hungry, and on top of that even more tired than she had been this morning. Laury had been walking all day. She hadn’t found anything that looked familiar, nor had she found any food. What was worse was that she now couldn’t find her way back to her park. So she sat down on a little wall and starred dejectedly off into the distance, and it was in that state that the old woman found her.
“Hello,” the old woman said, but Laury just ignored her. “Well, you’re not much of a talker are you,” the old woman said. Again Laury ignored her. “That’s OKAY,” The woman said and bent down to touch Laury on the shoulder. As the woman did this Laury felt the same energy she had felt before racing through her body, but this time there was no pain. Then suddenly the sensation was gone, and so was the woman. The energy hadn’t been painful but it brought back memories, of home, and Danny... Thinking of them and of how she might never see them again Laury began to cry.
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PostSubject: zodiac chapter 6   Mon Mar 23, 2009 12:06 pm

Chapter 6

Danny got back to the hotel just as his parents did.
“Hi,” he said.
His parents turned and his dad said. “Hello, are you here as a tourist too?
“I should be! I came with you didn’t I?”Danny responded jokingly
“What are you talking about?” Danny’s mom inquired.
“You’re acting really weird mom” Danny said worry entering his voice.
“Mom!” Danny’s mom replied indignantly. “I don’t know who you are, but my husband and I don’t have any children.”
Now Danny was really shocked. Why was his mom acting this way? “But-” he started but the man cut him off.
“Now, you listen young man,” he said severely. “I don’t know who you are. But If you were my son I would b ashamed to have you teasing people like this,” and with that the couple swept off into the hotel.
“What is going on?” Danny asked himself. Why would his mom and dad do that? The strange thin was, they actually seemed to believe what they were saying. His mind was reeling, and then he blacked. But apparently while his mind made a sojourn into oblivion; his body felt the need to move, because the next thing Danny knew he was running into the back wall of a dead end ally. Danny lay there huffing and puffing until he herd a sound from behind and scrambled to his feet and saw a man silhouetted in the moonlight.
“Give me your money,” the man said.
“What?” said Danny, at first not comprehending what was happening. Then his eyes widened as it dawned on him that h was being mugged, he stumbled back into the wall and realized that he was trapped.
“I said give me your money!” the man repeated, this time Danny saw a glint of metal off the blade of a knife. Then things got hazy vaguely noticed he was running towards his assailant, something he felt was stupid considering the mugger had a knife. But it was like Danny was watching the events unfold from a grate distance; he no longer had any say in what he did. He saw the knife coming at him. But he sidestepped and knocked his opponent down with a solid kick to the face, and leapt into the air. He was set to come down on top of the assailant but then there was flash of movement as something large came from behind him and just to the right, but it was to fast to see what. Then there was a crash and he was himself, he was bent over his opponent so that there noses were almost touching, his right hand was placed on the left side of the muggers head and his left was in the air. Danny’s breath came in shallow gasps, he had just fought a mugger but he wasn’t scared, and despite his breathing he didn’t feel tired either, he felt… pleasure, Exhilaration? Danny realized he was still bent over the mugger who was now obviously terrified, so he stood strait. As soon as he did, it was as if the man woke up from a dream. He began inching away from Danny, then he flipped over and started to scurry away all the time screaming. “You’re a freak! you here me a freak!” Then he ran like all of hell was after him.
“What did he mean freak?” Danny asked aloud. “I wonder where that fighting stuff came from?” then he remembered the movement he had seen just before he had finished the fight. He looked down and saw what it was. There a fraction of an inch to the right of where the mugger had been was what looked like a massive scorpion tail. A closer inspection of it confirmed that it was definitely a scorpion tail, but it was way too big and what’s more there was ice around it. Danny reasoned that if there was a tail it must be coming out of something. So he followed its length and found where it was coming from. After a few seconds of processing this information Danny screamed. The tail was coming from… him! Danny ha a tail!
The world seemed to spin then, everything went dark.
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